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            In year 2014-15 four students from Mechanical Engineering Mr. Pranav Birajdar, Mr. Praveen Reddy, Mr. Nikhil Tembhurnikar & Mr. Sumit Nagtilak got admission for their Masters in universities like Memorial University of Newfoundland-Canada, Ecole Central de Nantes-France & Concordia university-Canada.

            The year started with the fortuitous news in the month of august, about Mr. Pranav Birajdar who got a whopping 28.8 lakhs scholarship from a senior professor in Memorial University of Newfoundland – Canada, which covered his total tuition fee along with the living expenses. He then conducted a pre-departure session on “How to get funding for M.S abroad” in which he explained the gradual procedure of applying for scholarships to discrete sources across the globe and also introduced various ways of funding and finance too.

PranavBirajdar1  Pranav Birajdar 2

              Mr. Nikhil Tembhurnikar who got acceptance from Ecole central de nantes university, with a scholarship of 4000€ & a paid internship of 400€ per month conducted a session in the month of september on “How to study for GRE & IELTS”. He also gave some tricks and tips about GRE and cleared many doubts from the students.

Nikhil 1 Nikhil2

nikhil3 Nikhil4 


              As we know for studying abroad and adapting to its conditions, language poses a vital role as means of communication. Knowing a foreign language is efficient enough for sustaining abroad & for hulking the resume. Considering this a session on“Introduction to German language” was conducted by Prof. S.S. Metan to all the SAC members.

               There are various kinds of alumnus procedures for selecting a student for pursuing MS by the foreign universities, for which the resume must be sound, impressive and cover all the areas regarding the subject opted by the student for masters. International journal paper publication & international conference paper presentation play a vital role to raise the level of the resume as well as the scholar, accelerating his chancesfor masters. Keeping this in mind a session on “How to write & present an International Journal paper” was conducted by Prof. S.S. Metan.

               Mr. Siddharth Kothiwale pursued his MS from German Engineering University RWTH Aachen and currently he is working in P+Z Gmbh as an Aerodynamic engineer conducted an intellectual session In the month of January, on “Life after MS in Germany”. He motivated the students to be successful, sincere along with how to work & behave goal oriented. He also gave a good exposure to the students about the procedures & opportunities for getting a job in Germany. 

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              Mrs. Vinaya Sharanappanavar is pursuing her MS from Hochschule Heilbronn and sidewise undergoing her internship at Allianz conducted a session on “Earn & Learn”. She interacted with the students making them aware about the financial support and facilities available for financial aid. She informed the students about the Do’s & Don’ts one should take care of while planning for MS and also suggested the students to make their academics as strong as possible.

              Mr. Bjorn Solvhammar, professor from Sweden visited our college in the month of January under the Athena program. During his visit he conducted a session for all SAC members on “How to pursue MS in Sweden”, in which he gave information about education, universities, jobs & increased awareness about different opportunities available in Sweden for Indian students.

Athena Exchange Program

              Later in 2015, Prof. S.S. Metan & SAC co-ordinator Prof. Rahul R Bhandari took the initiative to take the students to one of the world’s largest industrial and technological trade fair “Hannover messe 2015”. They initially conducted a session with Mrs. Rajvi Halgekar from De Aventura Ltd, for all the students and informed them about the different aspects and benefits of such kind of foreign exposure during their undergraduate level. The response was amazing, in which nine students agreed to visit this Messe. Later another session for the parents was conducted by Prof. S.S Metan, to give them exact idea and overview about the visit. This session proved to be an eye opener for them as well.

Visit to Hannover Messe, Germany

              Prof. Rahul R Bhandari (Mechanical dept) has got acceptances from International Space University providing a scholarship of 10 lakh rupees along with another acceptance from Ecole central de nantes, France. Mr. Pankaj Ande (Mechanical dept) has also applied for universities in Germany and France. About 5 students appeared for GRE and IELTS this year & qualified successfully.

              A grand success was achieved after an International journal paper presented by Miss Asmita Satpute, Miss Snehalata Namapalli & Prof. Rahul R Bhandari got selected for publication which later was awarded by the European Centre of Research, Training & Development from United Kingdom & introduced them as its member for one year.

              Apparently 25 students have enrolled in Study Abroad Cell in current academic year. We are extending our vision, goal as well as efforts to make this cell more effective to perform successfully than the past year. Miss Asmita Satpute & Miss Snehalata Namapalli are the student co-ordinators for SAC for this year.