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There is continuous accelerated growing demand of electricity in our country due to growing industrialization and changing life style of our people. Therefore presently and in near future there are plenty of opportunities available for placement in various sector/ organization to electrical engineers. A quite large expansion of power sector is currently taking place. And in near future also the same is planned in phased manner by our government in state & at centre.There is tremendous scope in the field of Planning, design, construction/erection of power plants (stations),Electricity transmission system, Power distribution system their testing, commissioning, operation & maintenance & trouble attending, ritro fitting etc.Therefore there is equally ample scope for electrical engineers in electrical production industries for design, manufacture (production), testing commissioning of various electrical equipments, apparatus, electrical devices, goods. These include small, medium & large size industries engaged in manufacture of electrical items. In almost all types of industries (other than electrical) medium, large size invariably & even small size also there is scope for placement to electrical engineers. Because every industry manufacturing & process require electric power supply for running electric machines (motors) ,transformer for lighting, water pump, street light etc. So depending on size of industry, there are placement opportunities to electrical engineers ranging from one for small size to hundreds & above for large size.

Organizations where ample opportunities are available for electrical engineers

  1. Manufacturing electrical products
  • General Electrical Company
  • ABB
  • BHEL
  • Philips
  • Bajaj, Jyoti, Tata
NGF, Bharat Bijali, EMCO, Telk, Automatic Electric & many other large industries, manufacturing electrical goods.

  1. Medium & small size electrical goods manufacturing industry.
  2. A great (infinite) number of large & medium size engineering, automobile, chemical, pharmaceutical etc.
  3. Power Sector


I) Power Generation companies  

State owned power plants/ station, thermal, hydro, Gas, Wind mills etc.

  1. Power stations owned by private / public Ltd. Cos. M/S Tata electric Dhabol, Power Reliance, Adani, Jindal & many other large industries who have captive power plants, co-generation plants
  2. Centre Govt. (Public Sector undertaking) owned power generation companies
  • NTPC             
  • NHPC             
  • NPCL


II) Power transmission companies

  1. State Govt. owned transmission co. viz. for Maharashtra (Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission  Co. Ltd.)
  2. Tata Power Co.
  3. Reliance power
  4. Central government owned public sector transmission cos.
  • PGCIL (Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd)


III) Power distribution Companies

  1. State owned power distribution Co.
  • Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.
  • M/S Reliance power.
  • Mula Prawara Co. operation Electric Society.

Transformer manufacturing & repair industries in the state require Electrical engineer.

This is just the list of known organizations.

Prof. V.S.Shirwal                                     
Head of Electrical Engineering Dept.